Sunday, February 26, 2012

Throwing out some thoughts

Hurray! I finally am sitting down to write my first blog, at least the first one I have written in many, many years. It seems I have lost my sit down and rant touch, because I have been wanting to start a blog for months maybe even years - yet nothing ever comes to mind. Well today I thought I would write one on a project my husband and I are working on, finishing the Bonus Room! We just bought our house in June, and have been trying hard to make it our own. We have an unfinished room over our 2 car garage and want to turn it into a family room/laundry room/guest room/ play room. My decorating idea is a jungle theme. Im not going to heavy on it because it is a multi purpose room. For the adult area I want a leopard throw and maybe some knick knacks. The kids area will have monkeys and such. I have a lot of green decor because thats how we always did our apartments. So thats what originated the idea. Here is a few things I have picked out for the room:
Zoomed: Natural Floors by USFloors Avalon Maple Locking Strip and Plank
This is the floor we are doing through out the house. Its called Autumn Maple.
The fan I have been staring at everytime I walk by it in Lowes looks a lot like this. It needs a place in my home after 2 years of drooling over it. I love it!!!
Then the paint color is called Whispering Wheat. Its very warm and reminds me of a light coffee....gee I wonder why I like it =)
Well that is all for now! I have a very bored toddler who wants to play.

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  1. LOVE the flooring...and I've been staring at that same fan!!! And, the wall color..... Oh my, sounds like my kind of color. Anything coffee, well you know me! :) Can't wait to see what else you do with your house. Keep blogging!